8 stylesheets 4 Tyler Joseph Cutouts


4 Brendon Urie Cutouts

Button Exchange

My button changes with my layout.

message box

a bunch of new stylesheets

Yoooooo guys I have 8 stylesheets up for everyone if you wanna use them. I spent forever coding 7 of them. I really hope you like them. If you guys want more let me know in the cbox thing. Thank you to Raven for letting me purchase the original coding. I also added some more celeb cutouts so check those out too. Enjoy <3

new header baybay

Wanted to make a quick shoutout to one of my favorite people Raven at babyd0ll for making my banging new header. It's soooooo pretty. She is definitely one talented chica. Go check out her site/webstore for some amazing content ya'll. I promise you, that you will not regret it.

"My names Blurryface and I care what you think"

Out with the old and in with the new

OMG guys I finally have a good looking website. I hope you guys are enjoying the new site name I have chosen. I didn't really like the name Skyline and thought SugarP0p sounded much more me. Site name was found by Kayla. I hope you guys are enjoying the new layout. I bought this stylesheet from Raven so please do not redistribute since it's mine. Thank you again Raven for coding it for me, you the bomb dot com.

If you are one of my affiliates and you have not updated my site name and URL, please do that as soon as you can. I went around and messaged you all individually to let you know of my name change. If you would like to be an elite or regular affiliate please just message me in my cbox and ask me. Both are currently open for new affies. I also want to thank Jordyn for hosting my site for me. Sisters for life mi amiga <3

If you are wondering what kind of content you will see on this site, let me ease your curiosity. I plan on updating weekly with fresh new resources including brushes, textures, patterns, domain headers, font names, site names, etc. It will take me some time to add these all to the site so please be patient. It will be worth the wait. I have been getting some training on Photoshop from friends and family so I will be putting it up very soon. If you do not see content you want please let me know in the cbox. I will also be launching a web store for anyone who would like to purchase anything from me.

Thank you again for visiting my site and I hope to see you again soon <3