I am organizing my credits by person/site. These are with any current content on this site & will be updated constantly. If you would like to be listed differently or if you see anything missing please contact me via Facebook.


The best way to know who made things is check the image URL for content. I have been adding who it's from in the URL. If something is missing who it is from, in the URL, then I don't remember. But I did update this page to the best of my ability. Thank you :)

An example of how to see who made what in the URL:
See how it says "/fromelvina" in the url. That means I bought this cutout from Elvina. See what I mean?

credits for content

All my sitenames: Skyline, Sugarp0p, Sugarhigh, & Loveburst
Programs used: cpanel, Photoshop CC 2017

Ann: coloring psds & cutouts
Audrina: color schemes
BajaCafe: stylesheet coding
Cyclone: stylesheets, cutouts, color schemes, & vector psds
Cursors 4-u: current cursor
Deviantart: brush packs, patterns, & object pngs
Elvina: border psds, coloring psds & vector masks
Emmie: coloring psds, border psds, textures, & brush packs
Huntress: border psds & decos
Loveblush: background psd for layout, brushes used for content, object pngs used for content, patterns, preview psds for content, pop up code used on brushes page & current site name
Lovechant: stylesheets.
Lushvibes: 2 affiliate buttons.
Mascara: current theme colors for layout, trippy psds, 2 stylesheets, 10 Facebook covers, avatars, sm singles, index banners, border psds, 15 Janel freebie cutouts & pattern previews
Mintcrave: purchased all her old content.
Mintiee: object pngs
Mocha: avatars, banners, background psds, border psds, coloring psds, deco psds, domain headers, object pngs, sitemodel singles, stylesheet coding, fb covers, content preview psds & premade vector pngs
Parisfalls: new border base, current layout, brushes used for content, main resource previews psd, 4 content preview psds for content, borders, all color schemes, coloring psds, vector psds & deco psds (from Kecia)
Pixieskull: sitemodel cutouts.
Seawolf: avatars, 2 stylesheets, & cutouts
Wishcakes: coloring scheme content previews, brushes & deco psds.

Everyones Links: Ann, Audrina, Bajacafe, Cyclone, Cursors-4u, Deviantart, Elvina, Emmie, Huntress, LoveBlush, Lovechant, Lushvibes, Mascara, Mintcrave, Mintiee, Mocha, Parisfalls, Pixieskull, Seawolf, & Wishcakes.

Links to places I found brushes, patterns, object pngs: all-free-download, brusheezy, creative market, frantic stamper, deviantart, 123freebrushes.